Registration Form: BPPV INTENSIVE: Introduction to Advanced. An Expanded Workshop

BPPV Intensive: Introduction to Advanced will allow the participant to move through foundational content to advanced concepts within the one weekend.  The course aims to increase confidence in all aspects of BPPV management, including identification of BPPV mimics and understanding the impact of co-existing vestibular conditions. With a strong case-based focus and expanded practical content, the […]

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We can’t wait to get into our vestibular courses forĀ 2016!! Already in the pipeline we have an Introductory Course, BPPV course and Advanced Vestibular Topics. Save the dates: March 12th/13th for Introductory Vestibular Course 2016: BRISBANE March 19th for BPPV Course 2016: GOLD COAST May 21st for Advanced Vestibular Topics 2016: BRISBANE Registration forms to […]

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